4 Week Wine Selections

Awaken the Winemaker in You

These specially crafted wine kits of grape juice and grape juice concentrate allow you to explore the world of winemaking.  From the first swirl to the final sip, you will truly appreciate the bouquet and flavours of these wine kits.

You will appreciate these wine kits because…..

  • Little or no aging is required
  • It’s easy drinking, perfect to share with family and friends
  • they are ready in just 4 weeks

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4 week white wines

These wines are available in standard quality or premium quality.

  1. Chamblaise
    This easy-drinking dry wine is Typically Light-bodied with a soft, fruity aroma.
  2. Chardonnay
    This slightly buttery wine has hints of toasted oak and apple flavours.
  3. Chenin
    Chenin Blanc has a dominant flavour, slightly fruity and unique in many ways.  You’ll savour apple and honey flavours.
  4. Gewurztraminer
    Aromatic, off-dry and rich with the character of tropical fruit, This medium-bodied wine is a perfect accompaniment to spicy foods. 
  5. Johannisberg
    A medium-bodied, dry, well-balanced wine with subtle hints of peach and apricot.
  6. Liebfraumilch
    A delicately dry German-style wine with a light fruity flavour.
  7. Piesporter
    A soft light-bodied, refreshing wine that is fruity and off-dry.  A good apertif wine.
  8. Pinot
    A refreshing, light-bodied wine with flavours of citrus, green apple and honeydew melon.
  9. Sauvignon
    A dry medium-bodied, delicate wine with subtle grassy, herbal aromas.
  10. Verdicchio
    A medium-bodied, refreshing classic Italian-style wine with a delicate aroma and clean, dry character. 
  11. White
    An off-dry, light-bodied California-style blush that’s best served chilled to emphasize its strawberry notes and bright flavour. 
4 week red wines

These wines are available in standard quality or premium quality.

  1. Barolo
    A full-bodied, deeply coloured red wine that is rich with the flavours of warm, black fruit, and light oak.
  2. Bergmais
    A subtly oaked, fresh, light and fruity red wine.  Best served slightly chilled.
  3. Cabernet
    The soft character of Merlot is the perfect foil for Cabernet’s intensity, resulting in a smooth, lightly oaked wine with the fullness of ripe berries.
  4. Cabernet
    A dry, medium-bodied, rich, and intense wine, nicely rounded with oak and cherry-currant flavours.
  5. Cabernet
    The marriage of the elegant Cabernet with the fruity Shiraz results in a full red wine bursting with blackberry, currant, and delicate oak aroma and flavour.
  6. Chianti
    A classic, light-bodied, italian-style red, subtly accented with oak and admired for its velvety texture and rich fruitiness.
  7. Merlot
    A soft, medium-bodied and generously fruity dry red wine.  Delicately laced with oak.
  8. Pinot
    A warm dry red wine with a smooth and velvety texture, light oak and a ripe, fruity bouquet.
  9. Shiraz
    A rich, dark and robust wine, combining notes of warm berries, fresh pepper, and oak.
  10. Valpolicella
    An Intense, deep-coloured red wine boasting a velvety yet fruity flavour with a long, lingering finish.  Aging will only add to the complexity of this wine.
  11. Vieux
    A classic french-style red with lots of body, deep colour, and a warm bouquet of ripe berry fruit notes and bright flavour.