Cider/Cooler Selections

Let the Sunshine In

Making premium quality wine coolers and ciders just got even better with these natural refreshment products.  Choose your sweetness level from exra dry to extra sweet.  If you want to fortify your beverage, just bring in a bottle of vodka to add.  (Note for brew-on-premise: The customer must supply the vodka to ensure legal practices.)

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  1. Apple
    Great apple flavour that’s not too tart or sweet.
  2. Apple-Lime
    Traditional cider apples blended with the clean refreshing taste of lime offers a not too sweet flavour to enjoy anytime.
  3. Blackberry
    Vine-ripened blackberries provide the flavour and aroma for this cider.
  4. Black
    For those who love the combination of a sparkling cider and the taste of cherries.
  5. Cranberry
    The tart taste of cranberries in a refreshing cider drink.
  6. Crossbow
    A dry, refreshing cider with a hint of apple.
  7. Pear
    Delivers the popular taste of ripe and juicy pears.
  1. Hard
    Hard lemonade with a twist! Vinoka’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade is a complex blend of cranberry, tart lemon, and hints of citrus fruit. Enjoy this famous cooler over ice.
  2. Hard
    Enjoy the fruits of your labour! Vinoka’s Hard Lemonade is refreshing with a kick. The slightly sour nectar is something you won’t find at your neighbourhood lemonade stand.
  3. Peach
    Sweet, natural aromas and a creamy peach color radiate from the bottle. This soft, tree-ripened fruit is fully transferred into a rich and refreshing, sparkling Peach Cooler.
  4. Raspberry
    From the vine to the wine cooler.  This beverage has lots of aroma and flavour.
  5. Tropical
    Mangos, tangerines, pineapple and lime.  What more can be said.
  6. Vinoka
    A chip off the old block. Vinoka Ice is the popular lemon drink you make yourself. This exciting beverage is invigorating with refreshingly lush citrus fruit flavours.
  7. Wildberry
    A perfectly combined collection of berries make this drink something to savour.