All-Juice Wine Selections

The Best of the Vineyard

From the full-bodied and robust, to the soft and refined, these wines are made in just six weeks and aged to perfection

  1. Australian
    Fragrant aromas of ripe fruit married with subtle oak define this full-bodied wine. Straw in colour, the palate is treated to notes of vanilla, citrus fruit and butterscotch.
  2. California
    This popular varietal is cultivated in wine regions around the globe. It produces a fine wine with a fresh character, featuring subtle herbs, citrus, tart apple and oak notes, finishing with a hint of fruit.
  3. Italian
    One of the fastest growing Italian varieties, this medium-bodied wine is sure to please. The bouquet reveals bright citrus and green apple aromas with honeydew notes.
  4. California
    This unique rosé offers the perfect combination of ripe tropical fruit notes like guava and mango, and subtle fruit flavours of strawberry and raspberry.
  1. Australian
    This full-bodied red wine is deep and rich with ripe blackberry, plums and black pepper. Full-bodied in nature, it has velvety tannins and a good oak structure.
  2. French
    This full-bodied red is dark in colour and aggressive in nature. A blend of currants and oak compliment the subtle violet notes.
  3. French
    Dark ruby color with a nose full of strawberries, toasted oak, and subtle violet tones. After the inviting nose entices you to take a sip, you will experience the flavors of rich blackberry, fresh raspberries, and integrated chewy tannins.
  4. French
    Defined by a perfume-like bouquet and smooth tannins, this wine is medium to full-body in nature with elegant notes of dark fruit. Aromas of blackberries, cranberry, earth and spice compliment the tannins on the palate.
  5. Italian
    This red, Italian style wine is bold and rich in tannins. It features an extraordinary range of flavours including mixed ripe fruit, field berries, and fine herbs. A hearty portion of oak makes this wine perfect for aging.
  6. Italian
    This wine is noted for its vibrant red colour and gentle, soft fruit flavour and bouquet.
  7. Vieux
    A rich ruby French style wine, offers a balanced bouquet and complex flavour of field berries, tannin and plum.