6 Week Wine Selections

Decades of Tradition

These wine kits containthe finest varietal grape juices and concentrates from the world’s premier vineyards.  The marriage of the finest quality juices and concentrates can only mean one thing – a superior wine in your glass.

Yor old world and new world favorite wine varietals made with new world winemaking practices.  Each wine kit produces a high quality, east drinking wine you will be proud to serve to your friends and family.

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  1. Bella
    Extraordinarily rich, buttery aromas and flavours are balanced by lush tropical fruit and full oak character.
  2. Chardonnay
    Our version of this classic is clean and crisp with rich toasted oak flavours and a hint of apples and pears.
  3. German
    This medium-bodied, straw coloured wine presents fragrant aromas of citrus fruits, honey, ripe pears and luscious flavours of green apples, peaches and tropical fruits.
  4. Gewurztraminer
    Typically aromatic and rich with the character of tropical fruit, Gewürztraminer is a perfect match for spicy foods.
  5. Italian
    Crisp and flavourful, this wine has delicate floral notes with tropical fruit aromas and hints of green apple, melon and citrus. Soft and fruity, yet assertive and dry.
  6. Johannisberg
    Dry, fruity and well balanced with hints of peach and apricot.
  7. Piesporter
    This off-dry white wine has a fragrant bouquet of ripe fruit and a vivid palate of honeyed melon and peach.
  8. Sauvignon
     This white is known for its grassy, herbal aromas and green fruit character, producing a fine dry and refreshing wine.
  9. Verdicchio
     A delicate aroma and clean, crisp flavour with a hint of fruit and almonds.
  10. White
    A light wine with a delicate pink hue, strawberry aroma, and soft, slightly fruity taste.
  1. Barolo
    A rich, dense-textured red, Barolo is full-flavoured and ripe with warm dark fruits, plums and toasted oak.
  2. Bergamais
    A youthful, fruity and refreshing wine with a juicy aroma. Best served slightly chilled.
  3. Cabernet
    The soft character of Merlot is the perfect foil for Cabernet’s intensity, resulting in a smooth, lightly oaked wine with the fullness of ripe berries.
  4. Cabernet
    Prized for its depth of flavour and aroma, it boasts a cherry-currant flavour with herbal undertones, nicely rounded with oak.
  5. Cabernet
    This blend marries the firm flavour of Cabernet Sauvignon with Shiraz, creating a lush, full red wine, nicely rounded with oak.
  6. California
    This full-bodied red wine bursts with bold flavours of black cherries and berries layered with toasted oak, vanilla and rich notes of dark chocolate and coffee.
  7. Chianti
    This luscious wine is admired for its rich, velvety fruitiness, subtly accented with oak.
  8. Grande
    This massive wine bursts with ripe berries and bold layers of oak. Its incredible rich, deep colour and full body explode with jammy, vibrant fruit.
  9. Grande
    The intense aroma of this big red features a complex mélange of ripe cherries, blackberries and bell peppers.
  10. Merlot
    This supple wine has a soft, full flavour, delicately laced with oak to enhance its characteristic fruitiness.
  11. Pinot
    This fruity, medium-bodied red wine is delicate, yet rich in complexity, with a warm, oaky flavour.
  12. Rosso
    An intense wine, it boasts a deep ruby-garnet colour and spicy oak aroma. Bursting with vibrant flavours of ripe berries and black cherries, Rosso Grande is a dry, powerful wine with finesse and elegance.
  13. Shiraz
    A rich, dark and robust wine, combining notes of warm berries, fresh pepper and oak.
  14. Valpolicella
    This refreshing, lighter Italian-style red has a delicately fragrant and fruity bouquet and rich texture.
  15. Vieux
    A classic, full-bodied red wine that is deep in colour, carrying a warm bouquet of ripe berry fruit nicely rounded with oak.